Bleed and Hum -- Peggy Sue Yarber

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Peggy Sue Yarber, lives in Southern, California, where she works in the field of education.

TARE, inspired by a parable in the book of Matthew and current events, is her first published book.  

Rocketships to Heaven and the SOS Fuel Station is a story written as a children’s tale to answer questions concerning faith in a higher power.

Her third book of fiction is titled The Judas Ride and it attacks the struggles and vacillations of today’s teenagers with the caveat of there is always a second chance.

Her fourth book of fiction titled Bleed and Hum was released in 2011. This is a story of  resolve, romance and avarice with the key players knowing the choices to make but wondering if they have the fortitude and guts to do the task.

Just Because You’re Cute Doesn’t Mean I Want To Kiss You will be available in January 2015. This story is a departure from her previous work. This story focuses on the crazy world of internet dating and no it is not a self-help book or a how to book. The story is told through the character Ricky Dean. The perils and pitfalls of dating are softened by Ricky Dean's sense of humor combined with unintentional self-exploration through her childhood relationships. It seems Ricky Dean may be the only who does not understand how these past relationships still influence her dating life.


She loves to read, run, practice her bass, watch film noir, and make paper.